Global Change Biology & Ecophysiology

Exploring drivers of variability in organismal and ecosystem responses to global change.


I'm thrilled to announce that I'm  currently recruiting for graduate students (MS and PhD) and Postdoctoral Researchers. There are endless opportunities for research at KAUST. Please contact me If you are looking for a fully paid MS or PhD program and are interested in the work I do in my lab. I encourage and welcome applicants from all walks of life.

As an Assistant Professor in the Red Sea Research Center at KAUST, I study how local and global environmental changes affect  ecologically valuable ecosystems, including coral and oyster reefs. I pair in situ environmental and community observations with controlled laboratory experiments to understand: 

1) the effects of environmental stressors (e.g., ocean acidification, warming, deoxygenation, nutrient pollution) on the ecophysiology of foundation species,

2) the implications of differential susceptibilities of foundation species for community structure in the future, and

3) the role of ocean deoxygenation as an emerging stressor that threatens the persistence of coral reefs.